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GC Kean Synthetics & Kean productions

Back in 1973, our company Kean productions was established with following end in mind “to create a company totally committed to produce the finest materials to made from either neoprene, neoprene laminated fabrics, polyester, nylon spandex for products such as wet suits, swim suits, swim pants, sport wears, yoga, buoyancy vest, ski vest, knee brace, knee supports, river raft, ski tube, snow tube, banana boat, river raft etc. PVC inflatable boats for the children, family and the sport industry”.


Ocean Rider & Kean inflatable

For nearly 40 years, Kean inflatables and its brand “Ocean Rider” has been in the market among the commercial inflatable products and has served many OEM brands that required the highest quality, safe, reliable and the best durability at affordable price in this field. All Ocean Rider inflatable products are made from heavy density 1100/1000 denier PVC tarpulin coated materials such as river raft, ski tube, snow tube, banana boat, river raft etc. PVC inflatable boats are run and operated by the most experienced team in the water sport industry.


Aqua Sports & Kean neoprene

Aqua Sports and Kean neoprene division is established in 1985’s that specializing in raw materials and the finished products to made from neoprene, polyester, nylon spandex fabrics. We know we have succeeded in our commitment to the customers, because with our experienced engineering, manufacturing and sales staff we are exclusively, that can help developing you a custom-labeled product such as wet suits, surf suits, fishing wader, neoprene dive boots, neoprene dive gloves, neoprene dive hood, knee brace, back support, wrist support, neoprene bag, neoprene ski vest etc. to meet your specific needs and also provide you with any technical support while our products are in used. Where necessary, we also provide full product-testing and we work hard to ensure on time delivery to make sure the guarantee of full satisfaction for our customer.


Century Concepts apparels

In 1990’s, a sports & functional apparels’ division Century Concepts has formally established by Kean, this expansion has help explored Kean’s business into the sports & functional apparels market. Since then, Kean has increased its manufacturing capacities and improved efficiency in both Taiwan and Asia. At the same time, Kean also continued pursuing new fabrics and textiles, sewing methods such as flat stitching, double needle stitching, flat stitching, mauser, zig zag stitching, bar tack, smooth-skin seal, overlock (4 thread), lycra edge binding, glue and blind-stitch, printing techniques such as silkscreen print, laser print, sublimation print, wet print, embroidery etc. pattern cuts and designs illustration, 3D and CAD etc., in the hope of entering the international fashion and functional clothing market by applying its innovative design ability and advanced manufacturing technique. In recent years, this advantage has been applied in the environmentally eco-friendly fabrics and textiles. Kean actively develops environmentally eco-friendly fabrics and widely uses them in various fashion and functional sport clothing to made from green neoprene material, plastic bottle recycle textile, organic fabric, quick dry, thermal textile, anti-bacterial textile to the products such as wet suit, surf suit, swim suit, bikini, running suit, bicycling, hiking, yoga suit etc. to meet the goal of corporate social responsibility. Together with the newest and most innovative fashion and functional fabrics and its accessories, Kean is continue to strive the quality and environmentally-friendly fashion, and functional sport clothing & its related accessories such as sports mask, knee brace, wrist brace, back support etc. as it always.


Barco Sports

In 2010’s, Century Concepts has established its specialty of fashion and functional clothing under the brands "Barco Sports" . Since the time of expansion, Barco Sports has successfully established the status of superior brands in the designing and manufacturing apparel industry, and gained recognition from many customers in Asia. In order to provide end customers highest value and enjoyment, Barco produced these products and service, which bring these bright achievements. It sticks to high quality and innovation, and business philosophy of continuous enhancement for over 40 years. It turns out that Barco has put the belief into practice. It cares for customer’s responses to its products, and is willing to make an improvement base on customers’ requirement.


Green & ECO friendly Products

Functional textile is competitive in Taiwan’s textile industry now and future. When various brands promise the whole society that reaching the goal of zero-emission of harmful chemical substances, and facing the trend of purchasing environmental products by many brands, as a member of supply chain, Kean is committed to researching and producing environmental textiles with the concepts of recycling economy. At the same time, Kean is researching and producing special functional cloths such as environmental friendly nap yarn, green T-shirt that can absorb moisture and perspire, and plastic bottles recycled spinning yarn etc. by cooperating with many famous factories and environmental teams worldwide. Also these cloths are widely applied in fashion and functional sports clothing under Kean’s brands. With the understanding of green purchasing concept and do the environmental management well, some day when the chances come, we can seize the business opportunities quickly, and enter the green supply chain. Kean’s team discusses questions with people from the same industry face to face, shares experience, offers problem solutions, assists and faces the new topics and challenge of environmental protection, in order to suit the future. During the process of globalization, Kean production has attained continuous and remarkable growth and gained worldwide brands recognition in the industries of fashion and sporty outfits and various water sports products. As many of our customers say, “Kean production is your best option for reliable, quality manufacturer and long- term business partner”.

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